Bunny Lebowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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Let’s face it. We’ve seen so many Bunnys portrayed in the film industry (and we might know of a few as well). Bunny Lebowski’s stereotypical role is no surprise to us as an audience but she still holds a special place in any fan’s heart.

Her life as an adult star influenced largely on her development as a young adult; meaning she still acted like a kid mostly but with more sexual freedom. Her most iconic outfit in the film is her poolside getup consisting of a teeny weeny floral green bikini, a green scrunchie, and her green-painted nails. Here’s everything you need to look like Bunny Lebowski.

How to Dress the Provocative Like Bunny Lebowski from The Big Lebowski Costume

Bunny Lebowski Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Bikini Top Finding Bunny’s exact bikini set might be hard nowadays since the film was shot 20 years ago. So use this green bikini top if you want to channel Bunny’s floral vibe.
2 Bikini Bottom Likewise, wear this plain but sexy bikini bottom as a pair to the top above.
3 Blonde Beach Waves Wig The stereotyping doesn’t end! Bunny’s hair is the typical wavy blonde that a lot of beach babes are known for.
4 Green Scrunchie Bunny ties her hair in a cute half up hairstyle and secures it with a green scrunchie. So ‘90s!
5 Light Green Nail Polish Get the memorable Bunny shot with light green nail polish on your toes.
6 Oval Sunglasses New to the luxurious lifestyle, Bunny doesn’t pass up the chance to wear trendy oval sunglasses.

About Bunny Lebowski

Bunny Lebowski is played by the actress Tara Reid who also plays Vicky in American Pie.
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