Queen Maeve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Queen Maeve’s Costume

Like Wonder Woman, Queen Maeve’s outfit is Greek-style warrior. She wears a brown leather corset, short leather Roman skirt, leather arm guards, a leather arm band, a head band, and thigh high boots. She also has a long dark red hair, so get a wig if you want to recreate this.

Looks great for your costume party? Grab all the items down below to make this happens.

Queen Maeve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Leather Corset Look for a brown leather corset to wear.
2 Black Mini Skirt Pair up the top with a brown mini skirt.
3 Leather Arm Guards Wear a pair of brown leather arm guards.
4 Leather Arm Band Put an arm band on one of your arms.
5 Leather Shoulder Pad Look for a black leather shoulder pad.
6 Leather Headband Wear a tiara on your forehead.
7 Black Thigh High Boots Match the outfit with a pair of thigh high boots.
8 Dark Red Hair Wig Recreate Queen Maeve’s hair with a long dark wig.

About Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve is one of the Sevens, the (in)famous superheroes group from the Amazon Prime’s dark hero TV series The Boys. The show follows a group of ordinary men stand up against the group of famous superheroes whose public personas are all glorious and sunshine, but there are grim truth and cruel behavior behind the curtain.

Queen Maeve, who was created after DC’s Wonder Woman, is every girl’s role model. Her ability includes super-strength and super-durability. But all that glitter is not gold, her fame and perfected image come with sacrifice; she has to abandon a part of her life - and even people she loves.