Amber (The Disaster Artist) costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Amber Costume

Amber Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Indigo, deep v-neck t-shirt by Guess The one Amber wears has one of Guess’s signature designs on it, but we have also included the link to a plain indigo, deep v-neck t-shirt, just in case.
2. Cropped, light-washed, mid-rise jeans Alternatively, you can wear any capris at whichever length you feel comfortable around your waist as long as they’re light-washed.
3. Brown leather racer jacket Any slim brown leather jacket would work, but we encourage you to get as close as possible to Amber’s attire with this this racer leather jacket decorated with a quilted stitching design across the front and the back.
4. Black, ankle-high heel boots Your custom wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion on these black bootsies. We suggest leather, but a nice pair of black suede bootsies would work just as fine.

Costume or not, all these pieces make for a very nice outfit that will surely have peers looking your way.

This time around, we are going to be looking at one of the few outfits that actress Alison Brie wore to bring Amber, Greg Sestero’s girlfriend, to the big screen in The Disaster Artist.

For the most of the film, it’s really hard to catch Amber in a full body shot; thus, making it really difficult to get a good look at what she wears. When we finally get to see her from head to toe, she is wearing an indigo, deep v-neck t-shirt by Guess, a pair of cropped, light-washed jeans, a brown leather racer jacket and black, ankle high heel boots.

What is really nice about this custom is that it’s not just a custom, it may very well be something you could wear to hang out. In spite of being based on early 2000’s fashion, this outfit holds up very well by today’s standards.