Lisa (The Disaster Artist) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lisa costume

You’re going to need a red, backless dress or a black, v-neckline, swing dress, a collar necklace and a pair of black, high heel sandals.

Lisa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Red, backless, high-low dress with v-neckline The aforementioned dress is the closest to the one Juliette Danielle used for the movie. In order to really nail down the look, you’d need a red, backless dress with a bustier, sweetheart neckline. A dress with those very characteristics might be hard to find or expensive to make. Our recommendation does the deed for a lower cost.
2. Black, v-neckline, empire dress with short sleeves Even though it’s a less iconic look, it’s worth mentioning Lisa wore this dress during the climax of the film. The attention may not be on the dress, but it was present in some of the most significant moments, including Johnny’s tragic end. A short, black empire dress with v-neckline and butterfly sleeves would the perfect. To achieve this look without searching the whole mall, you can get this black, v-neckline, swing dress and have the sleeves tailored into butterfly sleeves.
3. Collar necklace As shown near the end of the film, Lisa is wearing a collar necklace with little dangling pieces as part of her outfit. This black, rhodium-plated collar necklace with little dangling pearls will add the last touch to an already fancy custom.
4. Black high heel sandals Anything Goes

Now you’re ready to stop the traffic on your way to your next costume party.

Lisa’s Overall Look

We cannot talk about Juliette Danielle’s Lisa without mentioning the infamous red, backless dress she wore in The Room. Aside from this dress, there’s an alternative and more reserved style you might like. It’s a black, v-neckline empire dress with a black, chiffon scarf shawl and a complementing collar necklace. The rest of Lisa’s wardrobe is just dull remains of the late 90’s fashion.