Greg Sestero/Mark (The Disaster Artist) costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Greg Sestero costume

As simple as it may look, it can be a bit tricky to find these very specific items as a couple of them may have gone out of fashion or are very expensive for a costume. However, as Johnny would say, don’t worry about it, we’ve enlisted every part of the outfit with the respective link where you can find them as well as some alternatives.

Greg Sestero Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Red, wide strap tank top with a crew neckline In truth, if one wanted to recreate the exact same outfit, it should be a red, cap sleeve t-shirt with a crew neckline, not a tank top. However, those are hard to come by for men. A cap sleeve is usually half the length of a short sleeve. These t-shirts are easier to find for the ladies, that is not to say fellas can’t make the custom. A plain, red, wide-strap tank top with a crew neckline like the one suggested above will work too, but if you’re willing to invest a little more time in your costume, you can always get a plain, red t-shirt and either roll up the sleeves or cut them by half and do the proper hemming to the borders.
2. Blue jeans in relaxed-straight silhouette The color on these jeans in particular is labeled as “Military Blue Flex”, which is a fancy way to refer to a dark blue, old-looking kind of denim; the kind Mark uses in most of the film. These pants are not as tight as the regular ones, nor as baggy as the loose ones; they’re right in the middle of those categories.
3. Brown leather Chelsea boots The funny thing about this part of the costume is that it seems as though Greg Sergento (Mark) himself had his boots custom-made with a mesh of different kinds of shoes. It’s ok though, because it allows us to use virtually any kind of brown footwear to complement the custom. In the movie The Room, Mark is seen wearing a pair of brown leather boots. The range of options go from Chelsea-style boots to pull-on worker footwear. We suggest brown leather Chelsea boots since they’re very similar to the ones Mark wears at a reasonable price for a costume.
4. Football Optional

Mark’s overall look

Mark’s wardrobe is pretty simple. Most of it is just plain t-shirts, a couple of sweaters and an occasional jacket. Only one outfit really stands out, the one he wears at the moment Johnny finds him in the rooftop and greets him with the famous line “Oh hi, Mark”. A red, cap sleeve t-shirt with a crew neckline; blue, enzyme-washed denim pants with a relaxed-fit and a pair of brown leather, pull-on boots.

Nevertheless, if you can get your hands on a pair of brown pull-on boots, that would look even closer to Mark’s outfit. Do keep in mind those can be quite expensive for a costume.

Dress up like this troubled heart-breaker and you’re bound get a “hi, Mark” in your next costume party.

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