Tommy Wiseau/Johnny (The Disaster Artist/The Room) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Tommy Wiseau costume

Tommy Wiseau Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black 3-button single-breasted blazer An oversized 3-button blazer is formal enough to portray a banker and baggy enough to reflect his easy-going personality. You can use the blazer with a black v-neck t-shirt or go fancy and wear a blue shirt with a loose gray tie. A blue tie works just fine too.
2 Black t-shirt with a v-neckline If you don’t feel like wearing a shirt and a tie, you can go for a more casual (and iconic) look with a plain black v-neck t-shirt. It’s more comfortable and easier to find anywhere between $5 and $24, not to mention you can always wear it on any other occasion.
3 Convertible zip-off khaki pants These baggy khaki pants are equipped with zippers around the knees so you can turn them into shorts. Granted, you might not find them very fashionable, but they sure are comfortable, and at the end, that’s what Johnny is all about, feeling comfortable. Khaki cargo pants would be a good alternative for this part of the outfit.
4 Black leather belt To hold such big and heavy pants, you’ll need a belt. Nothing too fancy. A black leather belt will do the job.
5 Black slip-on leather shoes These black slip-on shoes would add a little extra to your custom and make it more vibrant in detail since they’re virtually the same ones Johnny wears. Wearing similar shoes is not going to ruin the outfit either, so feel free to slip into your black loafers and still be able to rock Johnny’s clunky style.
6 Black Wig We cannot stress enough how important this is. If your hair is not long or dark enough, you can always get the wig suggested above for about $14. Long, curly, wavy, cosplay hair with bangs.
7 Sport wrap-around sunglasses Though this is not seen in The Room, these elongated shades have become a recurrent accessory in Tommy Wiseau’s wardrobe. Adding it to your costume would make it even easier to identify.
8 Football There is an unintentional running gag throughout the whole movie in which Johnny plays catch with his friends. Even if they’re standing just a few feet away, he will throw his football around and get into emotional dialogues.
9 Plastic Water Bottle This is a bit more specific, but it’s bound to get a few laughs out of the peers that get your reference. It’s a direct nod to that one scene where Johnny claims that he didn’t hit his fiancé Lisa, but Wiseaus’ performance was so poorly executed that it came out as one of the most hilarious moments of the movie. Be sure to have your disposable plastic bottle before reprising this jewel of bad filmmaking.

We will be going over the clothes Johnny wore during his scene on the rooftop with Mark since it’s the easiest one to distinguish from the movie.

Johnny’s outfit consists of a black 3-button single-breasted blazer, a pair of convertible zip-off khaki pants, a black leather belt and black slip-on leather shoes. If you want to dress up like this awkward banker from The Room or The Disaster Artist, you must include these items in your costume.

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About Tommy Wiseau

With the recent success and controversy around The Disaster Artist during this awards season, it’s only right that we answer the most frequently asked question about the man, the myth, the legend, the Johnny.
What’s up with all the pictures of spoons and forks in Johnny and Lisa’s house?

In a CNN interview, when asked about the mysterious pictures of spoons and forks decorating the table, Tommy would just answer with a different question and blather about an incredibly convoluted argument about plastic spoons, survival and society. Turns out, those were just stock pictures someone forgot to change when buying the frames for the set; thus, unknowingly starting the tradition to yell “spoon!” at the screen whenever they’d show up.

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