Sandy Schklair (The Disaster Artist) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sandy costume

Sandy’s flashy style includes Aloha shirts, big loose blue jeans, white tennis shoes, glasses and a black baseball cap with a little white pattern hemmed onto it. You can look at them in the links below.

Sandy Schklair Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Red aloha shirt with white flowers pattern In the Disaster Artist, Sandy (Seth Rogen) wears a variety of aloha or Hawaiian dress shirts with different patterns. We suggest the red one with a pattern of white flowers, but there is also a black one with a pattern of palm tree leafs and a blue one with white Polynesian print. These models show up in the movie, but there really aren’t any wrong answers here since it’s a pretty safe bet that Sandy wore many of these over the course of months of shooting.
2. Men’s big loose relaxed straight-leg blue jeans These are jeans with a very light shade of blue and a baggy fit. Ideal for a long day of shooting and for a Sandy Schklair costume.
3. White running shoes with black soles Just your regular white running shoes. Although we recommend black soles for a more accurate look, you can always use that old pair of white sneakers lying about in your closet.
4. Black baseball cap Sandy’s black baseball cap is a bit tricky to find due to the little decorative hemming it has, which can be described as the drawing of a little man operating a camera. All you have to do is get a plain black baseball cap and have the pattern hemmed onto it. You can find a very close imitation of this camera operator design at, and to make things easier for you, we’ll leave the direct link right here.
5. Casual stainless steel wristwatch In almost every scene Sandy appears in, he is wearing a stainless steel wristwatch. This would add a nice touch to your costume and a useful accessory for other occasions.
6. Eyeglasses metal frame with clear lenses Sandy Schklair is known to wear glasses. The ones we’ve included in this list come with clear lenses which makes them a nice inclusion for your costume.

Sandy’s Overall Look

Though we can’t actually see Sandy Schklair in the movie The Room, there’s no way we could’ve missed him in The Disaster Artist. This script supervisor who ended up in the role of director, stood out from the crowd not only because of his patience on set, but also because of his wardrobe. A colorful combination that could easily outshow members of the cast, except maybe Tommy Wiseau. Think of it as “stereotypical tourist meets middle-school coach”.

Now you too can look like the unofficial co-director of one of the worst movies of all times, Sandy Schklair.

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