Dino Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Dino - The adorablus-rex

One costume - Many species. Just pick one

# Item Description
1 Dino pet costume That’s right, there’s a version of this costume for every member of the family, even the dog. And it makes sense too, after all Dino is a pet.
2 Dino baby costume Babies do look adorable dressed up like Dino. And what kid doesn’t like dinosaurs? You can always have this costume made, but if you just want to let your baby be part of the fun with the snap of a finger, you could just easily get this dino costume fit for babies.
3 Dino adult costume Grownups can also get a little silly and get the adult version of this Dino costume. Surely a pink jumpsuit and some sewing skills would come in handy to craft your own costume, but if you’re short on time, you could try with funny Dino getup.

About The Most Adorable Prehistoric Pet Dino Flintstone

Dino is the pet of the Flintstones family. They mixed features of both sauropod and prosauropod into a fictional dinosaur called snorkasaurus that behaves like a dog. He was adopted by the Flintstones during a hunting trip during which they came across Dino and seeing how friendly he was, Wilma decided to keep him as pet.

Dino has always been in the opening credits of the show, but his name was first pronounced in the fourth episode of the first season. It wasn’t until episode 18 that we actually get to know more about this dinosaur’s origin in some sort of a flashback story.


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