Pebbles Flintstone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Pebbles Flintstones costume

Pebbles Flintstone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange wide strap tank top Assuming that you want to portray the cartoon version, an orange tank top with wide strap like this one would fit the purpose perfectly. All it needs is the spots, which you can make with a black marker or paint.
2 Animal print tank top Of course, if you would rather go for the live-action version of this costume, you’ll need an animal print tank top.
3 Black shorts It doesn’t matter which option you choose between TV and movie, black shorts are still a must.
4 Green wide strap tank top In modern adaptations, however, we’ve seen Pebble’s top shift from orange to green. This is perfectly valid for your costume as a Plan B. All you would need is a green tank top with wide straps. Pop open your black marker or paint and start drawing curvy triangles all over that top. That’s it, you got your animal print tank top.
5 Aquamarine shorts If you’re planning to use the green tank top, remember to swap those black shorts for aquamarine ones. Anything in the range of turquoise and aquamarine should be fine.
6 Prop bones - for headband Now let’s talk about the cherry on the cake, or rather, the bone on the hair. Pebbles’ wears her red hair in a ponytail held together by small bone. On the link to the left you’ll find a set of plastic bones out of which you can choose the one that better adjusts to your hair to make your own ponytail.
7 Teen Costume Full Costume for Teens
8 Toddler Costume Full Costume for Toddlers

When it comes down to color scheme, Pebbles’ outfit has gone through some changes, but perhaps the most emblematic of them all is the classic orange tank top she used to wear back in the 60’s. It was freckled with a pattern on black, curvy triangles; undoubtedly some kind of animal print.

About Pebbles Flintstone

The adorable Pebbles Flintstone is the baby daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone. She was first introduced in the animated series during season three as one of the main characters also dubbed by Jean Vander Pyl and a number of other voice actresses. In the 1994 movie The Flintstones, she was interpreted by Melanie Silver in a somewhat older version. Instead of a baby she was more like a toddler.

Pebbles’ popularity transcended the run of the 60’s show to the point of having to launch a spin-off series with her and Bamm Bamm as the protagonists, only this time they were grown-ups. They started as best friends when they were babies and eventually married. They even had a daughter called Roxy and a son named Chip.

Although we’ve seen this character as a teenager, a young adult and a fully grown lady, baby Pebbles remains as everyone’s favorite.


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