Sebastian the Crab Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Sebastian the Crab isn’t just any crab in the sea. He is the court composer in the King Triton’s palace. He is first and foremost the one who makes the kingdom’s songs and teaches them to the princesses. But after one too many rebellious adventures, Sebastian was tasked to be the supervisor of the king’s youngest, Ariel.

Sebastian is red crab, and his body has different shades of it throughout. It’s easy to look like Sebastian with just a red hoodie, red pants, red shoes, crab hat, and crab claws. Here’s everything you need to look like Sebastian the Crab.

How to Make Sebastian Costume

Sebastian The Crab Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Hoodie Start off your Sebastian costume with a red hoodie.
2 Orange Fabric Sew on or paste on orange fabric in the front of your hoodie to mimic Sebastian’s underbelly.
3 Red Pants Match your hoodie with red pants.
4 Red Shoes Stay on the red theme with a pair of red shoes.
5 Crab Hat Look more like a crab with this awesome crab hat.
6 Crab Claws Wear crab claws to look like you have snippers.
7 Plush Bring along a Sebastian plush for more fun!
8 Toddler Costume Turn your baby into an adorable crab with this outfit.
9 Kids Costume Transform your kid into a crustacean with this cute and easy costume.
10 Adult Costume No more DIYs needed with this costume!

About Sebastian

Sebastian the Crab was voiced by Samuel E. Wright for the Disney films The Little Mermaid (1989) and The Little Mermaid 2 (2000). He is also the voice of Sebastian for the tv series, House of Mouse.

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