Count Sam Dracula / Granpa Munster (The Munsters) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Granpa Munster’s Costumes from The Munsters

Granpa Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Costume You can start the full look with a one-stop costume set.
2 Cape For a DIY take, you can start with this cape.
3 White Shirt Then, get your button-down shirt.
4 Suit and Pants Keep the look dapper with this suit jacket with a red lapel and pants.
5 Medal Get a military-style medal, too.
6 Red Ribbon Cut a strip of red ribbon to use as the lace for the medal.
7 Gloves Wear a pair of dark gloves.
8 Gray Makeup Achieve the ashy look with this layer of makeup.
9 Wig Get a balding wig for the grandfather touch.
10 Eyebrow Pencil For the next step, get a makeup pencil to draw thick brows.
11 Black Lipstick Complete the look with this black lipstick!

Granpa Munster’s look comes with the iconic vampire cape and black suit! Start the costume with a white shirt and a pair of black gloves to be worn with a jacket with a red lapel. Then top it off with a cape and a medal! For his face recreation, be sure to add a layer of gray makeup on the face and neck. Finally, wear a balding wig, draw thick eyebrows, and then wear black lipstick.

About Granpa Munster

Count Sam Dracula aka Granpa Munster is a character from the American sitcom The Munsters. He is known as the doting vampire father of Lily. Granpa keeps a laboratory in his cellar where he experiments on spells and potions that often make great story lines on the series.