Jim Lahey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

He might have started out as a straight-laced supervisor in Season One, but Jim Lahey has loosened up in more ways than one. While his character began as the confident park supervisor, he’s more known as the hilarious bisexual drunk.

Jim Lahey’s outfit is nothing special (except when he’s drunk and only wears a robe and underwear). He prefers wearing his supervisor uniform which are a beige button-down shirt and khaki pants. He also likes wearing a pair of brown Aviators. Here’s everything you need to look like Jim Lahey.

How to Make Jim Lahey Costume

Jim Lahey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beige Button-Down Top Jim likes to wear his beige button-down shirt to show that he’s the park supervisor.
2 Khaki Pants Jim looks smart in a pair of khaki pants.
3 Brown Aviators Jim keeps his eyes protected with a pair of brown Aviators.
4 Brown Leather Belt Jim keeps his pants secure with a brown, leather belt.
5 Balding Grey Wig Jim has balding grey hair so wear a wig if you need to.
6 Glass Liquor Bottle Jim is a drunk so why not bring along a liquor bottle?
7 Brown oxford shoes Jim likes to wear brown oxford shoes
8 Walkie talkie set complete this supervisor look with walkie talkie attached on belt

About Jim Lahey

Jim Lahey was portrayed by John Dunsworth.

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