Herman Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Herman Munster costume

Herman Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black T-Shirt Get a plain black T-shirt for the start.
2 Brown Jacket Look for a brown jacket to top the T-shirt.
3 Brown Pants Find a pair of pants that has the same or similar color to the jacket.
4 Leather Belt Look for a normal leather belt in dark color.
5 Black Boots Get a simple pair of black boots.
6 Headpiece and Bolt Get the Herman Munster headpiece and bolt to wear on your head.
7 Green Face Paint Paint your face with green color to recreate Herman’s makeup. Look at this picture for reference.
8 Full Costume Don’t have time to gather all these items? Grab a full costume of Herman Munster here.
9 Funko POP If you’re a fan of the show and Herman, get this Funko POP figure into your collection!

Herman’s appearance is resembled to the famous Frankenstein we know, so we have to pay a little more attention to the makeup. For the outfit, Herman doesn’t wear anything too fancy.

He wears a black shirt topped with a brown jacket, a pair of brown pants, a leather belt, and black boots. Check out our list down below to recreate Herman’s outfit!

About Herman Munster

Herman Munster, played by Fred Gwynne, is a the main character in a 1964 American comedy-horror TV show The Munsters.

Herman Munster is a husband of Lily Munster and the father of Eddie Munster. Although he was created by Dr. Frankenstein in Germany, he later joined the Munster family in England and took their last name.

He met his wife when he was traveling in Transylvania. After that they migrated to America and built a family together. Herman is a cute childish man who sometimes can get quite hysterical. However, he’s a loving father and husband to his wife and son.