Lily Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

The Munster’s Lily Munster Costume Guide

Lily Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Lily’s White Dress Look for a sheer white dress to recreate Lily Munster’s look.
2 Gothic Bat Necklace Decorate your outfit with a black Gothic necklace.
3 Retro Heels Get a pair of retro black heels that go perfectly with the outfit.
4 Black Eyeliners Recreate Lily’s Gothic eyeliners style with a black eyeliner pencil.
5 Matt Red Lipstick Glam up your makeup with a red lipstick in matte color.
6 White Body Paint If you want to go extreme and get a vampire’s pale skin, just apply a white body paint on your body and face.
7 Two-Tone Wig Finish your look with a two-tone wig (black and white).

Lily Munster has a beautiful white skin as a vampire should have. Her long hair is as iconic as Cruella De Vil’s for its black and white colors.

For her style, Lily often wears a diaphanous white dress with the bat necklace she calls a bad luck charm. Lily’s make up reflects the Gothic style with a heavy eyeliners and red lips. If you want to recreate an elegant vampire style of Lily Munster, follow our list down below!

About Lily Munster

Lily Munster, portrayed by Yvonne De Carlo, is one of the main characters in “The Munsters,” a 1964 American fantasy comedy TV series about a family of friendly monsters who never quite understanding why people react to them so strangely and separately.

Lily Dracula is a daughter of the famous Count Dracula, thus she’s a vampire. She used to live in Transylvania but then fell in love with Herman Munster and moved to America with him as his wife. Lily and Herman later have a son together named Eddie Munster. The family spend a lot of time in The Munster Mansion wondering why people seem to be so scared of them.