Eddie Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Eddie Munster costume

Eddie Munster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Long-sleeved Shirt Get a plain shirt with long sleeves in any darker colors you like (we choose navy blue in example).
2 Dark Shorts Match your shirt with shorts that have the same (so similar) color shade.
3 Mid-Length Socks Wear mid-length socks that share the color with the outfit.
4 Detachable Peter Pan Collars Put detachable Peter Pan collars on the shirt.
5 Black Bow Clip Clip a black bow in front of the shirt under the collars.
6 Oxford Shoes Pick a pair of simple oxford shoes.
7 Hair Gel Use a gel to styling your hair by pushing them back and combing them neatly.
8 Black Eyebrow Pencil Stress the thickness of you eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil. You can also use it to draw Eddie Munster’s iconic hairline.
9 White Face Paint Apply white color onto your skin to get vampire-like skin.

Because he’s a werewolf, Eddie Munster has an interesting look which seemed to be influenced by his werewolf genes. His face is framed by a puppy-looking hairline and his eyebrows are thick. Also, his skin is pale.

Eddie often wears an old-fashioned toddler clothes: a dark blouse peter pan collars with long sleeves, dark shorts, mid-length socks, and a pair of oxford shoes.

About Eddie Munster

Eddie Munster, played by Butch Patrick, is a supporting character in a 1964 American comedy-horror TV sitcom The Munsters. Eddie Munster is a werewolf-vampire boy who is the youngest son of Herman and Lily Munster. Despite being a werewolf, Eddie is just like any other American boys. He likes to have fun. He even has a stuffed toy werewolf named Woof-Woof. Eddie really looks up to his father and is proud of him, he also brags about him to his friends quite often.