Andy Bernard (The Office) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Andy Bernard Costume from The Office

Despite his anger management issue, Andy’s clothes look really bright and colorful, in fact he’s one of a few characters in the show who dresses so shiny. And in the same happy-looking style, we can also get the glimpse of snobbish personality for how it looks. When you replicate Andy’s style, remember that you’re rich and you want to show it off. Now let’s check the list!

Andy Bernard Costume Items

Andy Bernard Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bright Soft Pink Buttoned Down Shirt Andy likes to wear candy-like colors, so you must pick your long sleeve shirt in colors like light pink or light purple for example.
2 Nice-looking Blue Neck Tie Try to pick a bright color for an expensive-looking patterned tie, but also it has go well with the shirt."
3 Yellow Sweater Vest Look for a colorful sweater vest with a simple or plain pattern that goes with your shirt."
4 Brown Suit Jacket When you wear a colorful shirt and sweater vest, you should top them with a soft color jacket suit such as brown instead of going for black."
5 Men Watch You should get a simple designed watch with a luxurious touch on it, like a watch with a shiny stainless belt.
6 Brown Leathered Belt Go for some formal business belts with a little nice detail, however always make sure it goes with your outfit.
7 Brown Business Pants These pants’ color should match with your suit jacket.
8 Formal Shoes Pick a pair of formal shoes that matches with your outfit.
9 The Office Dundie Award A fun way from The Office to award someone for something they should be proud of, and not!
10 Bobblehead Get Andy Bernard figure from The Office bobbleheads staff collection.

About Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard or Andrew “Andy” Baines Bernard, played by Ed Helms, is a character in a well-known American sitcom series The Office. Although Andy is a salesman at Dunder Mifflin and later being promoted to Regional Manager, his real passion is to become an actor but he had never been called to an audition. Andy’s character is first introduced to the audience in season three as an hot-headed man, he acts violently towards his professional rival and gets fired for that, fortunately he soon gets the job back.

Childhood background has a lot of impact on Andy, he grows up in a wealthy and privileged family and so he often doesn’t get the living concept of people who are poorer than him, in other words, he’s a snob. For a short time in the series, Andy plays as the protagonist who’s trying to convince Michael to fire Dwight because he’s late for work and laying. He’s also trying to hit on Pam which causes her and Jim some nuisance.

As time passes, Andy’s anger problem doesn’t seem to improve and so he’s sent to an anger management. Nevertheless, as we can see in the late seasons, he’s still yet to get better with the issue.