Quailman (Doug) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Quailman from Doug Costume

Quailman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White T Shirt A plain white t-shirt makes for a great undergarment during the cool weather so Doug wears one to keep him warm.
2 Green Vest Doug’s outfit already consists of his green pullover vest but with a big ‘Q’ made from red tape suddenly transforms him to his superhero alter ego.
3 Cargo Pants Cargo shorts are a good pair to wear when out playing.
4 White Brief Any self-respecting superhero must have their briefs displayed so Quailman does this, too!
5 Grey Sneakers Doug prefers to wear a comfy pair of grey sneakers with white crew socks to keep his feet cozy.
6 Red Towel Use this red towel with white lines at the bottom to create Quailman’s red cape.
7 Brown Leather Belt Who can forget Quailman’s fantastic headpiece made from a brown leather belt?
8 Alternative tshirt This is an alternate vest with big Q logo.

Quailman is the super awesome alter ego of Doug Dunnie, the titular character of the Nickelodeon-Disney show, Doug. Being a regular sixth grader, Doug has a very hyperactive imagination. Aided with his awesomely artistic skills, he created the wonderful adventures of Quailman.

Like Superman, Quailman has superhuman abilities that help him fight the bad guys. But, he has a weirder costume. Quailman wears Doug’s usual cargo shorts and green vest getup with the addition of a big red ‘Q’ written on his top and his white briefs worn above his bottoms. Here’s everything you need to look like Quailman.

About Quailman

Quailman is the superhero alter ego of Doug, who was played by Billy West.

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