Muffet (Undertale) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Muffet’s Costume from Undertale

This is how you can cop Muffet’s costume from undertale:

Muffet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Body Paint Apply purple body paint on the face and arm then let it dry.
2 Black Make Up Pencil Draw Muffet’s extra eyes with this make up stick.
3 Red Puff Sleeved Top Kick off her look with a red puff sleeved top.
4 Red Bow Attach an oversized bow at the front of the shirt.
5 Pink Bloomer Shorts Pair the top with pink shorts.
6 Purple Gloves Wear these gloves. Stuff it full and attach a pair at the back of the blouse and the shorts as Muffet’s extra hands.
7 Black Tights Wear black tights.
8 Black Shoes Pair black shoes with the tights.
9 Black Wig Cop a short black wig.
10 Pink Scrunchies Style the wig with pink scrunchies.
11 Costume Get this packaged set.

Muffet’s costume consists of a red puff sleeves shirt decorated with big red bow in front. This top is paired with a pair of pink bloomer shorts and completed with black leggings and black shoes. Cop a pair of purple gloves on both arms. Then stuff two more pairs of these gloves with cotton or paper and attach at the back of the shirt and the shorts to recreate Muffet’s extra pairs of hands. Use purple face mask and black make up pencil to draw her multiple eyes. Cop a black bob wig and tie part of the hair with pink scrunchies.

Muffet Makeup Tutorial

About Muffet

Muffet is a character in the role-playing video game franchise of Undertale. She is encountered as a miniboss in the Hotland. She runs the Spider Bake Sale in the Hotland. Muffet is described to have a temper, being angry at persons who do not buy anything from her fundraising event. This bake sale consists of items which are expensive at 9999 gold.

She leads the spiders in the Underground. She runs her bake sale to raise funds to save the spiders in the Ruins. Muffet battles the protagonists in the game.