Adventure Time's Cake the Cat Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Cake the Cat costume

Cake The Cat Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gold Wig Look for a gold/blond wig to recreate Cake’s spots’ color. Feel free to choose the length you prefer.
2 White Cat Fur Ears Costume Get more cat-like look with a pair of white cat ears costume to put on your head. They also give you a really cute look.
3 White Furry Plush Tail Put on a white fluffy tail in your back to recreate Cake’s adorable cat tail.
4 Yellow Spandex Cosplay Gloves Wear yellow gloves in contrast with your white tops just like Cake’s yellow-brown spots on her white body.
5 White Fluffy Cami Top Look for a fluffy, comfortable top to wear. However, make sure it is in white.
6 White Fur Coat Jacket Top your comfortable top with a super furry white jacket to get the cat look.
7 Yellow High Waist Mini Skirt Pick a simple designed yellow skirt. Just make sure it is not too long so people can see your white stockings.
8 White Thigh High Stockings Any white pairs of see-through stockings would do.
9 Yellow Faux Fur Leg Warmer Complete your cat features with a pair of yellow fur leg warmers.
10 White Heels Choose any styles of heels you prefer as long as they’re white.
11 Cake Plush Lastly, get a cute plush of Cake character from Adventure Time.

Standing on the opposite side of specie from Jake the dog, Cake looks nothing like him aside from their body proportions. Beside all the cat features such as a snout, a fluffy tail, and ears, Cake also has white fur interspersed with coffee colored spots. Follow the list down below to create Cake the cat’s inspired outfit for yourself!

About Cake the Cat

Cake the Cat, played by an actress Roz Ryan, is a gender-swapped version of the character of Jake the dog in a Cartoon Network’s well-received fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, the show about a teenage human named Finn and his magical dog/best friend Jake exploring the Land of Ooo and defeating the bad guys.

Like other gender-swapped characters in the show, Cake the cat is created by the Ice King’s imagination. Cake the cat, like Jake the dog, has stretchy powers that can morph herself into many forms. And as a cat, she also has the ability to see in the dark. Cake the cat’s best friend is her adopted sister, Fionna the human. Also, Cake is very protective and loyal to Fionna.

Image Credit: PookieBearCosplay