Fembot (Austin Powers) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Fembot’s Costume from Austin Powers

Get this sultry fembot costume from the links below.

Fembot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Chemise Look for a sheer chemise in pink or a slip dress.
2 Pink Feather Boa Put pink feather boa on the hem of the chemise and an external bra.
3 Underwire Bra Design the bra with pink feathers, too.
4 Pink Heels with Feather Wear stiletto heels with feathers, too.
5 Pink Gloves Get a pair of blush-hued gloves.
6 Blonde Beehive Wig Nail the fembots hairstyle with a blonde beehive wig.
7 Pink pompom hair accessory Tie pink pompoms or decorate the wig with a clip glued with boa feathers.
8 Full Costume Customized full costume for you, made on order

The film Austin Powers depicted their version of the fembots as beautiful android women dressed sensually.

To dress like a fembot, wear a pink sheer chemise and decorated bra with boa feather details.

Complete the look with pink gloves and heels with boa details, too. These fembots also have their blonde locks in a period-inspired updo with a feathered hair pin at the center.

About Fembots

Fembots are humanoid androids seen in the film “Austin Powers”. Fembots have appeared in other films but in the Austin Powers movie, they are depicted as beautiful women in provocative attires.

These lingerie-clad robots have guns hidden in their chests which can fire on command. They were designed and created by Dr Evil as a distraction for Austin Powers, who is said to possess a “free love” mentality. They try to seduce him but Austin overpowers them by being being more seductive, sending their systems to overdrive.