Elvira Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make an Dark and Sexy Elvira Costume

Elvira Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black dress, dagger and belt Elvira wears a long choppy black dress with a very revealing neck line. She also has a belt which keeps a dagger in it. This set can help you get her look very easily as they are precise to what she herself wears.
2 Wig, black Elvira’s hair is a very iconic part of her character. Her is hair jet black and very voluminous on top while sleeker at the bottom. This wig does a very good job at replicating that style.
3 Bracelet set Elvira doesn’t take it heavy on the accessories, choosing to instead bring a more dramatic look to her makeup. However, she does wear these bracelets.
4 Black goth heels These heels are a very similar style to Elvira’s goth sense of style. They bring a glamourous look to the outfit while also adding a dangerous vibe.
5 Custom Made Handmade costume that can be altered as per your needs
6 Bat Necklace optional

Elvira brings a very gothic and dark sense of style to the table. However, the way she portrays this style is in a very sexy style with a low cut dress and dark makeup. This style of costume is very fun and can be quite different to dress up as.

What a typical Elvira look needs is a very dramatic black evening gown, a knife and belt sheath, dark makeup, and a black mullet style wig. This costume can turn out very beautiful and classic if done right.

Elvira Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to do Elvira’s detailed and glamourous goth makeup look. This is the highlight of the costume look and important to get right.

About Elvira

Elvira is the personality of a horror movie presentation, but she was also in a horror-comedy movie called Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

In the movie she is played by Cassandra Peterson, who she is in real life when out of costume.

She seems like a very sexy goth character, however the beauty of it is that her personality is very different from her actual look.

She is actually a very comical and witty character with a funny way of speaking with a Valley-girl accent.