A Gold Digger Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

You’ve heard of gold diggers before (no, not the literal ones!) and chances are, you’ve been warned against them. These attractive ladies want only one thing, and that’s more money. So they’ll do most anything to get it; hence the term.

But if you want to dress as one, make sure to do so with a twist! Why not look like the opulent and fancy lady and still seem like a literal gold miner? All you need is a miner’s hard hat and a shovel and you’re good to go! Here’s everything you need to look like a gold digger.

How to make Gold Digger Costume

Gold Digger Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tight-Fitted Metallic Gold Dress Level up the luxury by wearing a tight-fitted metallic gold dress that accentuates your youthful curves.
2 Open-Toe Gold Stilettos Pair that sexy dress with to die for open-toe gold stilettos that make your legs look miles long.
3 Gold Dollar Sign Necklace Make your ambitions known by wearing a gold dollar sign necklace (crystal-studded ones look more ostentatious).
4 Gold Shovel To make you look humorously charming, bring with you a shovel to dig up your golden dreams.
5 Miner’s Hard Hat When looking for your treasure, make sure you’re safe so wear a miner’s hard hat!
6 Metallic Gold Paint Metallic Gold Paint will make your hard hat and shovel dazzle so you’ll look like one ritzy gold digger indeed.

About the Gold Digger

The term ‘gold digger’ has been around for quite a long time. Although it has become popular again recently because of Kanye West’s song, ‘gold digger’ has been in use as early as the 1800s. By the early 1900s it was used as a derogatory term for women who marry only for money. That is still the most known definition of the term today.