Dementor (Harry Potter) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Dementor Costume

Dementor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Hooded Robe Use a black hooded robe as the base of your dementor outfit.
2 Skeleton Top Since you can see the outline of a dementor’s ribs through his robe, you might want to wear a skeleton top as a substitute.
3 Black Pants Dementors don’t have feet but you do. Create the illusion by wearing a black pair of pants.
4 Black Fabric Cut out this black fabric and make it look tattered. Attach it to the sleeves of your robes for a billowing effect.
5 Dementor Hands One part of a dementor’s body that you could see are their long hands so wear these gloves to copy that.
6 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into a scary dementor with this costume set.
7 Full Costume Set You can also avail a costume set instead.
8 Another Full Costume This one looks more terrifying

D-d-dementor! Dementor! You might think that Harry Potter’s worst fear would be the evil maniac who killed his parents and repeatedly tried to murder him. But no, it’s actually a dementor.

Dementors affect Harry more because he’s led a difficult life than most people, and it mind-numbingly terrifies him to be in one. But you know The Boy Who Lived.

With a little bit of practice and a lot of help from his Expecto Patronum skills, dementors are no longer a problem.

A dementor doesn’t need to look horrendous to be terrifying. In fact, nobody knows what they actually look like under their hood.

They wear a long, billowing, tattered black hooded robe, and you can see the outlines of their ribs. That’s all. Here’s everything you need to look like a Dementor.

About Dementors

Dementors are Dark creatures who guard the wizard prison Azkaban. A dementor’s supernatural power is to suck out all the happiness in its vicinity.

They are also very dangerous as a ‘Dementor’s Kiss’ means sucking out your very soul. Your body will not die, but you’ll be a vegetable until your heart stops beating.

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