Led Stickman Figure Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make LED Stickman Costume

LED Stickman / Glowy Zoey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Zip Up Hoodie Make use of a black zip-up hoodie for more convenience.
2 Black Sweatpants Don’t forget to wear your comfy, black sweatpants.
3 Black Rubber Shoes Keep everything dark and wear a pair of black rubber shoes.
4 Neon Light Wire Create the illusion of a glowing stickman with neon light wires in your preferred color.
5 Transparent Tape Try using transparent tape to stick on your wire. If not, you can always sew the wire on.
6 Light up Cat ears

What would you do if you see a glowing stickman outside your house in the night? The possibilities for your reaction are endless. You could find him funny and entertaining, but with the right accessories, he can also be menacing. It’s the perfect Halloween costume!

The LED stickman costume is made up of LED lights and an all-black attire to create the stickman illusion. You will need a black zip-up hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. Here’s everything you need to look like LED Stickman.

About Glowy Zoey / LED Stick Figure Costume

The Glowy Zoey or LED Stickman costume was conceptualized and designed by Royce Hutain for his daughter, Zoey, during her first Halloween. The day after, Zoey’s light-up costume became viral and thus, Glowy Zoey was born.

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