Black Phillip (The Witch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Black Phillip’s Costume from The Witch

Black Phillip’s costume can be availed from the links below:

The Witch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Goat Mask Get this black goat mask.
2 Long Sleeved Top Match the mask with a long sleeved top.
3 Dark Pants Wear black pants, too.
4 Black Robe Add some layer with a plain black robe.
5 Black Gloves Complete the dark look with black gloves.
6 Red Book Carry this decorative book to finish the costume!

Black Phillip is a showstopping character in the film The Witch. His costumes in simple to pull off as long as you nail the most crucial part of the outfit, the goat mask. After securing this part, you can wear an all-black outfit as you wish. Just top the attire with a cape or robe and wear black gloves, too!

About Black Phillip

Black Phillip is a character in the film “The Witch”. He is considered one of the main antagonists of the film. Black Phillip is also Satan who takes the form of a goat.

Black Phillip appears towards the end of the film. He is credited to have tormented the family of William and Katherine, a Puritan family banished after a dispute within the church. He lures Thomasin, a child of the William and Katherine, into a promise of a wealthy life, having her sign into his book and leading her into a coven to serve him.