Angelica Pickles Costume (Rugrats) for Cosplay & Halloween

Guide to Angelica Pickles’ Outfit from Rugrats

Angelica Pickles’ style is as girly as you think it would be, both of a toddler and a teen. Her signature color is purple, she wears the dress in that color with a bright orange long-sleeved t-shirt underneath and has purple shoes on. She also has bow ribbons on her head. Her teen look is also girly, but fashionable (for that time).

Angelica Pickles Costume Items

Angelica Pickles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
toddler looks
1 Purple Bow Ribbon Just a pair of plain purple bow ribbon for your hair.
2 Orange T-Shirt A bright orange T-shirt with long sleeves, preferably with horizontal stripes.
3 Green Leggings Just a basic pair of leggings (no patterns) in green color.
4 Purple Dress A simple designed dress in purple color.
5 Purple Sneakers Pick an edgy pair of purple sneakers, however let’s go with the non-pattern ones.
Teen look
6 Green Earrings Pick any pair of simple green earrings to replicate Angelica’s teenage accessory.
7 Blue T-Shirt Any light blue T-shirts with long sleeves would be perfect.
8 Orange Wristband Look for a number of old-fashioned plastic wristbands in orange color.
9 Polka-Dot Skirt You should pick a polka-dot patterned skirt in blue/purple color palette to look just like Angelica’s style.
10 Purple Platform Shoes Look for a pair of platform shoes in purple color.
11 Medium Blond Wig Look for a blond or yellow wig with medium length.

About Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles, played by a voice actress Cheryl Chase, is one of the main protagonists Nickelodeon’s popular animated TV show called Rugrats, a show about a group of kids’ life from toddler to prepubescence. Angelica is Tommy’s cousin, which is why they share the last name, who is frenetic and dictatorial toward fellow characters.

Therefore her characteristic is quite an antihero, however she often ends up siding with the baby group in the end. Other than that, she’s a very smart kid that she finds a way to manipulate her parents many times. She can also can communicate to both the babies and the adults she’s older than the babies. Once Angelica gets older, she becomes quite influential among friends. Thus Angelica is an awesome animated character.