Cynthia Pickles (Rugrats) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Cynthia Pickles costume from Rugrats

Despite her signature hairstyle, Cynthia’s outfit is also well-recognized for she has the same outfit on almost all the time we see her. Cynthia the doll is known for wearing the orange dress with pink stripes, a black belt with a yellow buckle, and a pair of red slippers. If you want to recreate her look, see the required items and the instructions below!

Cynthia Pickles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Head Band, Hot Glue, Yellow & Black Pipe Cleaner Also, get your scissors ready and follow this video to create a funny-look hairstyle.
2 Orange Dress & Pink Fabric Paint We will need to get a little bit creative here. Start with buying a plain designed knee-length orange dress, then paint a stripe pattern as you can see in this photo.
3 Black Belt with a Yellow Buckle Look for a plain black lady belt with gold or yellow buckle.
4 Red Slippers Any plain-looking slippers in red color would be perfect for the look.

About Cynthia Pickles

Nope! She’s not a person. Cynthia Pickles is in fact Angelica’s favorite doll in Nickelodeon’s comedy animated TV show called Rugrats, The show that revolves around a group of the little babies. Angelica possibly names her after the British doll, “Sindy.”

Cynthia is well-known by the audience by her bizarre hairstyle for her head is some what bald if not for only four bunches of hair that sticking out straight. Despite Cynthia’s look, Angelica actually loves her a lot because she has hard time getting along with other characters, outside the Rugrats, especially Susie. All in all, Cynthia is a good friend that Angelica can count on.