Phil & Lil DeVille (Rugrats) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Phil & Lil DeVille costume from Rugrats

Although Phil and Lil are male/female twin, they dress exactly the same with only tiny different details like Lil will have a pink bowtie on her hair and their shoes’ colors are different. Both wear a green top that almost look like a dress over a pink shirt. While Phil has a blue pants and shoes on, Lil has the pink ones. Here’s how you can dress like them!

Phil & Lil Deville Costume Items

Phil And Lil Deville Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green T-Shirt Dress This dress is more or less their signature which is a plain green dress.
2 duck sticker To get into a detail, you can put this sticker on the left side of the dress.
3 Pink Shirt for Men & Pink Shirt for Women Look for a plain pink shirt to wear underneath the dress.
4 Pink Bow Tie To recreate Lil’s look, find a pink little bow and put it on your head.
5 Pink Sneakers for Women What you need is a pair of sneakers in pink if you’re going for Lil’s look.
6 Blue Shorts If you go with Phil’s look, you also need blue shorts to wear.
7 Blue Sneakers for Men To complete Phil’s look you’ll have to find a pair of blue sneakers to wear.
8 White Socks Both of the characters need to wear white socks, so any plain white socks are perfect. Mark that you should wear them above the ankles.

About Phil & Lil DeVille

Phil & Lil DeVille are the twin and two of main characters in Nickelodeon’s comedy animated TV show called Rugrats, The show that revolves around a group of the little babies. Both Phil and Lil live next door to the Pickles. They have this weird behavior where they often eat the worms, as well a other gross stuff like anything slimy and even insects.

Despite the fact that both of them are really close, they always pick on each other which leads to argument. Because of the fight, Lil’s signature phrase is “No it isn’t, PHILLIP!” which she uses all the time when she doesn’t agree with her brother. Nevertheless, Lil always stands up for her bother whenever he has a problem with other people. All in all, they love each one a lot. Fun fact, Lil is older than Phil for two minutes.