King Neptune (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make King Neptune Costume

King Neptune Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Green Long Sleeve Shirt Extensive body paint can be costly and will require lots of effort. Wearing a plain, green, long-sleeved shirt will perfectly imitate King Neptune’s green skin color.
2 Merman Tail Leggings Going around in a merman’s tail while walking on land can be quite a challenge, so a great alternative is to wear a pair of merman’s tail leggings.
3 Red King’s Robe King Neptune loves his role as ruler, so it’s important to establish that by wearing a regal, red king’s robe.
4 Gold Necklace King Neptune wears a gold necklace around his neck, making him look wealthy and royal.
5 Gold Trident A huge symbol of power in the underwater realm, the golden trident rarely leaves King Neptune’s hands.
6 Brown Paper Bag King Neptune holds his crown dear to his heart not only because it’s a symbol of power but also because he needs it to cover his balding head. That is why he wears a brown paper bag atop his head when he lost his crown.
7 Fake Orange Beard Get King Neptune’s look by wearing this fake, orange beard.
8 Light Green Body Paint Kick it up a notch and paint the remaining parts of your body green to perfectly match King Neptune’s skin color.

King Neptune may be tyrannical, loud, and thuggish but no one will say that to his face. After all, he is the ruler of the oceans. His crown and power are very important to him, and he holds himself in high esteem.

He is portrayed in the series as having green skin, a merman’s tail, a king’s robe, and the trident. Here’s everything you need to look like King Neptune.

About King Neptune

King Neptune is the series’ portrayal of the Roman god of the sea of the same name. He is one of the characters that does not have a consistent look, and people are baffled by this as his appearance changes completely several times in the series.

One fan theory that explains this perfectly is that there are two different King Neptunes in the series. The first one was the real, immortal god; while the second one is an actual king. In fact, Squidward notes in one episode that there was a King Neptune XIV meaning there has been a generation of King Neptunes before, making it possible for this character to have different physical appearances.