Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Patrick Star Costume

Patrick Star Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bright Green Floral Swim Shorts Patrick doesn’t wear anything except his shorts, and he made it quite memorable by choosing one that is bright green with purple flowers designed on it.
2 Purple Fabric Paint Patrick’s shorts have distinctly purple flowers on it so using purple fabric paint on the pair of board shorts above will create a better Patrick Star look.
3 Plain Pink T-Shirt Patrick doesn’t wear a top but since you’re not pink like him, a plain pink t-shirt is a great alternative to copying his look.
4 Pink Flip Flops As a starfish, Patrick doesn’t really need to wear footwear under the sea; but you might find it uncomfortable. A pair of pink flip-flops will mimic Patrick’s skin color perfectly and look good with the whole beach vibe Patrick has going on.
5 Butterfly Net One of Patrick’s hobbies is going jellyfishing, although he sometimes forgets how to do it. He needs a handy ‘jellyfish’ net if he wants to catch some, and this butterfly net is a perfect alternative. Just paint the handle light brown to make it look like bamboo.
6 Light Pink Body Paint If you want to go all the way, paint yourself light pink with this body paint to get the same skin color as Patrick’s.
7 Pink Onesie Instead of using pink body paint, you could also use a pink onesie for body
8 Star Inflata Optional inflatable costume

SpongeBob’s best friend and number 1 partner-in-crime is none other than Patrick Star. This overweight, pink starfish isn’t the brightest on the block but he sometimes surprises everyone when he unconsciously says something quite intelligent. He’s a simple guy who loves doing simple things, like eating Krabby Patties and catching jellyfish.

Patrick keeps it simple when it comes to what he wears, donning on only a pair of bright green floral shorts. Here’s everything you need to look like Patrick Star.

About Patrick Star

Yes, Patrick is dumb and he literally lives under a rock making him ignorant most of the time. After all, the idea of his lack of intelligence comes from the fact that starfish do not have brains. But for someone who isn’t quintessentially smart, he’s a starfish with many talents. He can play the drums, sing fairly well, drives better than SpongeBob, and best of all, he can regenerate.