Steve & Robin / Scoops Ahoy (Stranger Things) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Scoops Ahoy’s Costume from Stranger Things

Score style points for your next couple outfit a-la Steve and Robin from Scoops Ahoy. Simply add these items to cart:

Steve Harrington (Scoops Ahoy) Costume

Steve Harrington Scoops Ahoy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Sailor Top Cop this blue shirt.
2 Red Neckerchief Then add this red accent on the neck.
3 Blue Shorts Match the top with this pair of shorts.
4 White Hanky Add this white handkerchief at the front of Steve’s short.
5 Long Socks Wear a pair of white socks.
6 Red Sneakers Cop these red sneakers.
7 Brown Wig Wear a brown wig like Steve’s.
8 Sailor Hat Style this sailor hat and write “ahoy” at the center.
9 Full Costume Or get this packaged set instead.

Robin Costume

Robin Scoops Ahoy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Nautical Top Start the look with a nautical striped shirt.
2 Red Neckerchief Add this red neckerchief, too.
3 Navy Vest Layer in a navy vest.
4 Blue Shorts Wear blue shorts.
5 Long Socks Get this pair of socks.
6 Red Sneakers Go matchy with Steve with this red pair of sneaks.
7 Sailor Hat Write AHOY at the center of this hat.
8 Brown Wig Wear a brown wig.
9 Full Costume You can also get this packaged costume.

Scoops Ahoy is a shop in the Stranger Things universe with elements inspired from the navy. Steve’s Scoops Ahoy costume can be nailed by wearing a a blue nautical shirt and matching blue shorts. Tie a red bandana or neckerchief. Meanwhile, Robin’s costume includes a white striped nautical-style shirt, a navy vest and blue shorts. Both Steve and Robin wear the Scoops Ahoy sailor hat in white, mid-length socks, and red sneakers.

About Scoops Ahoy

Scoops Ahoy is an ice cream shop at the Stranger Things franchise. The parlor is located inside a mall. The characters Steve and Robin worked here.

When Steve worked at the shop, the 4 main protagonists used their friendship and Steve’s status as an employee to their advantage, most notably with them using the shop’s main access to the theatres allowing the boys to sneak in without having to buy tickets.