Frozone (The Incredibles) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Frozone Costume

Frozone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Spandex bodysuit, blue This blue suit is the base to your Frozone superhero costume. Frozone wears a spandex body suit as well, and this one is pretty accurate to his own costume.
2 Glasses, futuristic style, cyclops These glasses are very similar to what Frozone wears in the Incrediables movies. They have one large and long lens covering both eyes. The lens also gives of a cool and futuristic mirrored effect.
3 Gloves, long, white These gloves add to the white part of Frozone’s white and blue superhero costume. They need to be long so that a larger part of the costume is white, and a medium part of the costume is blue.
4 Boots, long, white For shoes, long white boots are a good choice. They add more white to the outfit and fit the theme of ice and winter style powers.
5 White Fabric You’ll need to sew some white fabric in the pattern on the blue bodysuit.
6 full body suit This full body suit is exactly how Frozone’s own suit appears. The blue and white pattern, as well as the head covering fit the personality of ice and cold powers that he has. The suit is a little bit funny because of how it fits, but that is also part of Frozone’s character and a part you will have to play if you choose to replicate this costume.

Frozone from the Incredibles may not be everyone’s first costume choice, but with the ease and simplicity that comes with such a hilarious costume, it may not be a bad idea for your next Halloween or cosplay costume. For a Frozone costume all you need is a blue and white fully covering bodysuit and a pair of super cool futuristic glasses that have one lens covering both of your eyes. This costume is great for those who enjoy goofy characters and have a fun personality themselves.

About Frozone

Frozone is a supporting character voiced by Samuel L. Jackson in the hit animated movies, The Incredibles. He has powers that create ice and can freeze any surface with his hands. Instead of walking, he prefers to skate on the ice surfaces her creates to get around, at least when he is in costume anyway. Frozone is one of the key characters that helps the Incredibles family save their family members and stop evil from taking over the world.