Evelyn Carnahan (The Mummy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Evelyn Carnahan costume

Evelyn Carnahan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown skirt Some deep, loose brown skirt would be perfect for this costume
2 White shirt Evelyn prefers completely white shirt, or with vertical stripes. So, find some of those
3 Oxford shoes some oxford-style middle heel boots/shoes were a common piece in those years
4 Summer hat In desert, a hat is an inevitable part of the outfit
5 Black silk scarf another important part of the outfit
6 Glasses some vintage brown-plastic glasses would be perfect
7 Book of the Dead You should have this book to read the magic words. Find some with a leather cover

During the movie, Evelyn wears several different outfits. However, all of them are pretty common for 1920’s. With this costume, you will definitely look like a lady of these romantic years. So, if you want to look like this character, it should not be so hard. Most of these clothes are usual for 1920’s, though there are few unique details. For this costume, you will need pieces like a long brown skirt, white shirt, some ankle middle heel boots, glasses, a summer hat and few other details. Also, don’t forget the ancient Booke of the Dead.

About Evelyn Carnahan

Evelyn Carnahan is the main female protagonist of The Mummy. She is a clever and ambitious Egyptologist. Also, she has a great obsession in finding the ancient city of Hamunaptra. Although most of her colleges consider this old city as nothing more than a myth, she is convinced that there is something much more than a tale.

Moreover, she believes that this is the place where she can find the ancient book of Amun-Ra, called the Book of the Dead. Full of spells and black magic, this book is very dangerous. Once she finds a strange key, she starts the adventure. Along with her bother, her future lover, Rick O’Connell is also a companion, since he is one of few persons who know where the ancient city is hidden.

This mission doesn’t go smoothly at all. Suddenly, there are some American competitors who also go to Hamunaptra. During one of their encounters, Evelyn steals the ancient book. Once she read the words from the book, Imhotep gets resurrected. And then the real problem begins. Although clumsy, she eventually beats the ancient Egyptian priest and sends him back to dead. Of course, with a big help of her future lover Rick O’Connell.

Image Credit: Astra888