Angela Martin (The Office) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

How to Make Angela Martin Costume

Angela Martin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Turtleneck Top Dress as conservatively as Angela with this grey turtleneck top.
2 Light Grey Cardigan Add more layers to your look with this light grey cardigan.
3 Black Pencil Skirt Keep your outfit professional with this black pencil skirt.
4 Black Closed-Toe Heels A pair of black closed-toe heels will keep your office outfit looking simple yet respectable.
5 Straight, Mid-Length Blonde Wig Get Angela’s no-nonsense hairstyle with this wig.
6 Black Headband Keep your hair away from your face with a black headband.
7 Badge you can get this id badge as optional prop
8 Costume you can also get a sexy nurse costume as Angela wears in one of the Halloween episode

There are many kinds of personalities you’re going to meet in the office, and one of those is a perfectionist. Angela Martin is one such person and her strict personality can be hard to ignore when you see her every day. Angela is stubborn and a bit of an authoritarian, holding others up to incredibly high standards (standards she herself cannot reach).

With her uptight and no-nonsense attitude, it’s not unsurprising to find that Angela also adheres to the office dress code to the tee. You will often find her hair neatly in place behind a headband. The clothes she wears are more often than not turtleneck tops, light cardigans, and pencil skirts.

About Angela Martin

Angela Martian was portrayed by Angela Kinsey. While her role in The Office is her most notable role, Kinsey is also known for her other roles in The Hotwives of Orlando, Haters Back Off!, and Fresh Off the Boat.

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