The Giant Costume for Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

The Giant's Signature Look

Even with his unusual height and strange face structure which considers scary, Giant is actually a good spirit. And if you ask him about who he is, like Dale Cooper once did, he would probably give you the same answer as he to Dale: Think of me as a friend. But the most famous line of the Giant is likely to be It is happening again, it is happening again" which is said to Dale Cooper in the vision to warn the agent about another murder that is happening. So it is not wrong to say that the Giant is not a mean spirit whose intention is to kill, but to save.

Get a Gentleman Look of the Giant from Twin Peaks

The Giant Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Red Bow Ties A classic red bow tie.
2. Blue Buttoned Shirt What goes better with a red bow tie than a blue shirt?
3. Black Flat-Front Pants This pair of pants give an old-fashioned business man look.
4. Black Leather Belt A simple black little belt.
5. Brown Leather Shoes Complete the look with a beautiful pair of Oxford leather shoes.

About The Giant from Twin Peaks

Not all heroes wear capes, but some do wear a red bow ties. The giant from Twin Peaks is one of the well-known characters, though he has a little air time, for his heroic deed. He’s a male spirit who’s helping Dale Cooper, an FBI agent, solve mysterious cases by appearing in his vision. The character was played by a Dutch actor named Carel Struycken who’s known for his 2.13 m height. People remember Giant by his appearance that is, of course, his height, and his signature red bow ties and shirt.

Carel also played as Lurch in the Addams Family.

Although we can barely spot his personality enough to speculate what kind of person the Giant is, we can always count on him for saving the day, because Dale Cooper would have had a hard time solving cases without Giant’s assistance. Therefore to wear his outfit is not at all different from wearing a superhero costume, especially if you are a Twin Peaks fan.