Flash Slothmore (Zootopia) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Flash Slothmore Costume

Flash Slothmore Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Green Button-Down Shirt Start off your Flash Slothmore outfit with a simple light green button-down shirt, fit for everyday officewear.
2 Blue and Orange Tie Add a little exciting element to your outfit by wearing a blue and orange tie.
3 Beige Pants Look smart in a pair of beige pants.
4 Blue Belt Seem inconspicuously rebellious by wearing a uniquely blue belt around your waist.
5 Sloth Mask Look incredibly like a sloth by wearing this latex sloth mask.
6 Flash’s Mug Bring along a simple mug with ‘You Want It When?’ written on it like what Flash brings along with him in the office.

Flash Slothmore is a sloth that works in the Department of Mammal Vehicles. He is polite, professional, and friendly. Unfortunately, he does work at the speed of his kind… very slowly. He is seen to be a people person as he is also friends with Nick.

Flash wears a simple office outfit that consists of a green collared shirt, a blue and orange tie, khaki pants, and a blue belt.

About Flash Slothmore

Flash Slothmore was voiced by Raymond Persi. Persi is more known as an animator and has worked in projects like Wreck It Ralph, The Simpsons, Sing, and Frozen.

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