Foxxy Cleopatra (Austin Powers) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Foxxy Cleopatra’s Costume

If you want to recreate Foxxy Cleopatra’s look, checkout our item list down below!

Foxxy Cleopatra Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brownish Orange Leather Open Front Crop Top Wear a brown leather crop top.
2 Brown Leather Crop Jacket Top a bra with a brown leather crop jacket.
3 Low Waist Leather Pants Match the top with low waist leather pants in brown color.
4 Gold Belt Fasten your pants with a gold belt.
5 Brown Platform Shoes Pair the outfit with brown platform shoes.
6 Gold Swirl Necklace Wear a gold swirl necklace.
7 Gold Ear Hoops Look for big golden ear hoops to wear.
8 Afro Wig Recreate Foxxy’s hair with a brown Afro wig.
9 Gold Rings Get gold rings to wear.

Fierce, disco, and sexy are the definition of this look. Foxxy Cleopatra wears an brown leather bar topped with matching crop jacket, low waist leather pants, a gold belt, brown platform shoes, gold ear hoops, a gold necklace, and gold rings.

About Foxxy Cleopatra

Foxxy Cleopatra is character in one of Austin Powers film series: Austin Powers in Goldmember. The character was portrayed by Beyoncé, who’s now a big star in music industry. In this movie, Foxxy is an undercover spy and Austin’s sidekick after she decides to help him take down Goldmember - an organization that Foxxy was a part of. The reason why she does so because Goldmember killed her partner and she wants revenge.

On personal level, it seems that Foxxy has some not-so-good past with Austin because at one point, she scolds Austin for standing her up for 8 years. But as both of them working against Dr. Evil and Goldmember, they ignite old flame that are yet to burn out.