10 Epic & Funny Asian Costume Ideas for Cosplay & Halloween

Tired of going as a typical zombie or fairy when out trick or treating, or do you simply want to show off your awesome Asian heritage? Well, here’s some good news for you!

There are tons of costume ideas out there that you can try out. From mind-numbingly terrifying to laugh out loud funny, there’s an Asian option available for you to check out and enjoy wearing! All you need to do is find the one that you like the most.

To help you get started, here are

Top 10 costume ideas inspired by Asians:

1. L from Death Note

L Death Note


Go as one of Japan’s most mysterious and unconventional detectives, L from Death Note. Not only is he an amazing problem solver, but his deathly pallor and wide eyes make him a great (and creepy) Halloween persona.

What you will need:

2. Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga


Hey, Asian guys, be a rapper king this Halloween! If you don’t know him, Rich Chigga is a young Indonesian rapper whose song ‘Dat $tick’ became an internet sensation back in 2015. His preppy style in the video was weirdly paired with his rapping and made it a stylish look that people loved (especially his fanny pack)!

What you will need:

  • Rich Chigga – light pink polo shirt, khaki shorts, black fanny pack, aviator glasses, a bottle of liquor

3. Goku from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball


Be a Saiyan this trick or treat season! Goku is the main protagonist of the beloved ‘80s manga and anime, Dragon Ball. You can channel his bravery and pureness of heart this Halloween by wearing his iconic look.

4. Kim Jong Un

King Jong Un

If you’re not afraid to go political and risk the wrath of North Korea, you can go as their well-known leader, Kim Jong Un. People will surely do a double take when they see you. Either they’ll laugh out loud and love your outfit … or they won’t. Just be sure to have enough nerve because you might hear a few comments here or there.

5. Sadako



Before Samara Morgan graced the American big screens, Sadako was already terrifying the Japanese community. Don’t worry though! She and Samara look alike and they’re technically the same. So go out and make people faint as the Asian girl in the well!

6. Sushi



What is more well-known than Asian martial arts movies and characters? That’s right! The food! And what better food costume could there be than sushi? Dress up as the delectable dish and have people’s mouths water when you pass by. It’s a funny and delicious take you’d definitely enjoy!

What you will need:

7. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee


Another iconic person in Asian history is the martial artist slash actor, Bruce Lee. Before there was a Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee was already wowing his audience with his amazing combat skills. Channel your inner martial arts skills this Halloween as the yellow-clad hero!

What you will need:

  • Bruce Lee – yellow leotard, black fabric for side lining, straight black wig, nunchucks

8. Samurai



If you want to go classic Asian, dressing up as a samurai warrior might be the most timeless way to go. Not only are they very famous in pop culture, but they also have a big place in history. You’ll never know but you might have been descended from a real samurai. Don’t worry if you’re a girl. Asian women can still definitely go as a samurai if you want to!

What you will need:

  • Samurai – dark long-sleeved sweater, black pants, brown boots, EVA foam, paper mache clay, assorted acrylic paint

9. Glenn Rhee from Walking Dead

Glenn from The Walking Dead

If you’re more into recent and contemporary topics, Glenn Rhee from the Walking Dead series might be up your alley. What’s more Halloween-y than going as a zombie killing, apocalypse-living Asian guy, right?

10. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars


Now, if you want to go low-key this creepy season but still want a little Asian flare in your costume, you can always go as the pop sensation Bruno Mars. He’s not overtly Asian looking, but still definitely Asian. Sing your way to the candy and serenade your neighbors with his popular hits!

What you will need:

  • Bruno Mars – white tank top, pink blazer, thin layered chain necklaces, black pants, black Oxfords, black bandanna, khaki fedora, aviator glasses

What’s your Choice?

Make your ancestors proud and go all out this Halloween with these amazing costume ideas for Asians!

It’s true that at the grander scale of things, Asians are still one of the minorities found in the USA. But recent pop culture hits have ensured your place in the world, and Asian people are getting more and more noticed. So, make your country, race, and lineage proud by wearing an Asian-themed costume this Halloween season. Show the world that you’re not just about perfect grades and ancient warriors! Plus, don’t forget to just have fun!