10 Cute & Funny Couple DIY Costume Ideas for Cosplay & Halloween

Who says trick or treating can’t be a cute and unique date? Invite your sweetheart to a night of hilarity, candy hunting, and sweet cuddling and go about town as a matching pair! You can even make dressing up on Halloween a couple tradition you can do every year!

To get you started, here are ten easy and clever costume ideas you can do:

1. Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Oddparents

Cosmo and Wanda

Cosmo and Wanda may dress really common, and aside from their brightly colored hair, they may even pass as regular people. Except they’re anything but regular! Dress up as Timmy Turner’s wacky but lovable fairy godparents this Halloween.

2. Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a classic novel that still enthralls many people today. Its prosperous and often ostentatious world is something a lot of people would want to experience. The nearest way for us to experience those amazing times is when we dress up as people from the 1920s so invite your beau to glam up with you!

What you will need:

  • 1920s Woman – straight cut dress with beads OR a sequined flapper dress, long layered pearl necklaces, black heels, feathered headdress
  • 1920s Man – black three-piece suit, white button-down dress shirt, black bowtie, black Oxfords, fake cigar

3. Daenerys and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Power to the tribes! Dress as Khaleesi and Khal Drogo to rule over the Dothraki to conquer as many candies as you can (or even steal each other’s heart).

*What you will need:

4. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie

A famous choice for lovers all over the world is portraying the classic Disney duo, Mickey and Minnie! You can do a lot of creative takes on their outfits and still look beautifully like the beloved mouse pair.

What you will need:

  • Mickey Mouse – black sweater, red shorts with two white dots, black tights, yellow shoes, mouse ears, white Mickey gloves, non-toxic face paint
  • Minnie Mouse – black sweater, red skirt with polka-dotted skirts, white socks, yellow heels, pearl necklace, white Mickey gloves, mouse ears with red ribbon, non-toxic face paint

5. Mario and Princess Peach from Super Mario

Mario and Peach

Another favorite pair is the ‘80s video game icons, Mario and Princess Peach. You can go on epic adventures as the duo and collect yummy candy along the way. Or you can search for mushrooms and stars, if that’s more your speed. Nevertheless, get in the Halloween game dressed as the iconic pair!

What you will need:

6. Starbucks Barista and a Frappuccino

Starbucks Duo


A unique take on something so regular is to go Starbucks-themed this scary season. If you and your sweetheart aren’t fans of creepy, it might be better to go as funny. Be a Starbucks barista and a Frappuccino. If that’s not sweet then I don’t know what is.

What you will need:

  • Starbucks Barista – black shirt, black pants, green apron with Starbucks logo
  • Frappucino – beige dress with Starbucks logo, white faux fur poncho, green straw headband

7. Sandy and Danny from Grease

Sandy from Grease

Danny from Grease

Be the epitome of hot this Halloween and go dress up as Sandy and Danny from Grease. The dance floor will definitely be sizzling when you show off your awesome moves! And who could say no to the amazing outfits from the 1950s, right?

8. The Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Insane, unstable, and downright terrifying, the Joker and Harley Quinn are probably the best bet if you want to embody the creepy spirit of Halloween. But even if they’re immoral and they’re relationship isn’t the healthiest, everyone just can’t seem to stop from rooting for them. You can show how crazy in love you two are as these two famous villains!

9. Double-Stuffed Oreo


Are you tired of seeing famous characters left and right? You’re not buying into the scary outfits that people love wearing to trick or treat? Or are you just out of time? Well, the Double Stuffed Oreo matching costume is not only hilarious, but it’s also the perfect last minute outfit for you and your love! Plus, it creates the perfect excuse to stay cuddled up all night (so it’s a win-win!)

What you will need:

  • Double- Stuffed Oreo single – white sweater, white pants, DIY cardboard oreo cookie with straps

10. Soap and Loofah

Soap and Loofah

If you and your hubby thrive in the unconventional, you would definitely love this one! Go as a hilarious duo, Soap and Loofah. Clean your way around your neighbors’ candy jars or clean the snack table at the party. The choice is yours! One thing’s for sure; you and your boyfie will surely make head turns.

What you will need:

  • Soap – white shirt, denim pants, white fabric with ‘Soap’ written on it
  • Loofah – black tank top, black leggings, pink tulle fabric sewn in layers, looped white rope

Bask in your love this Halloween with funny and hot costumes!

Have lots of fun with your honey this Halloween by wearing matching outfits. Not only can you level up your couple-ness but you’ll also create beautiful memories you can look at after a few years. All that’s left to do is pick a theme and start creating!