Handsome Jack (Borderlands) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Handsome Jack Costume

Handsome Jack Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Long Sleeved Shirt Kick off your costume by wearing this yellow long-sleeved shirt and rolling up the sleeves halfway.
2 Long White Long Sleeved Collared Shirt Put on this extra-long white long sleeved shirt without buttoning, and roll up the sleeves halfway as well.
3 Brown Leather Vest Wear this brown leather vest over the shirts and consider attaching metals as buttons for a more menacing look.
4 Gray Jacket Slip on this gray denim jacket over all the clothes, with sleeves rolled up, to illicit your rugged quality and bravado.
5 Gray Pants Match the jacket with this durable gray pants.
6 Brown Sneakers Choose this comfortable brown sneakers to go along with your attire.
7 Belt with Gun Holster Add this leather belt and gun holster to your costume.
8 Large Square Watch Adorn your left wrist with this large square watch with metal wristbands.
9 Metallic Gold Face Paint Paint Handsome Jack’s mask over your face using this metallic gold face paint.

Handsome Jack is the main villain in the Borderlands video game franchise, with him taking over the Hyperion Corporation as president and taking control of the planet Pandora as dictator. He has strong narcissistic traits, focusing a lot on bravado and looking good. He considers himself as the hero on Pandora, and all others as bandits.

Handsome Jack is a delusional and ruthless leader. He wears a gray jacket with sleeves rolled up, a brown vest with a white long-sleeved collared shirt underneath, a yellow long-sleeved shirt under the white shirt, grey pants, a belt with gun holster, and brown sneakers.

About Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack was voiced by Dameon Clarke. Clarke is also known for his roles in Graceland, Castle, and How To Get Away With Murder.

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