The Marionette Puppet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make a DIY Marionette Puppet/Doll Costume

Marionette Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red and White Striped Top A white and red-striped to makes for a great steampunk slash circus look.
2 Red Tutu Add a flare of feminine drama to your outfit by wearing a red tutu.
3 White Bloomer Shorts Show a little vintage style by putting on white bloomer shorts beneath your tutu.
4 Black Vest Another circus touch is wearing a plain black vest.
5 Black Tights Wear black tights for more layers.
6 Black Gloves Black gloves make for a good accessory.
7 Black Sneakers Match your black tights by wearing a pair of black sneakers.
8 Black Headpiece Add a little goth whimsical aura with a black headpiece.
9 Doll Makeup Make sure to make your makeup look like you’re a wooden doll.
10 Wood Square Dowels Use wooden dowels for your handles. Use another dowel and paint it in a nondescript color as the handles stand so it looks like they’re floating on their own.
11 Twine String Tie the twine string on your arms and dowels to make you look like a real puppet.
12 Costume Set If you find looking for individual pieces cumbersome, buy a costume set to relieve you of your stress.

Marionettes have been around for a long time, and they have evolved into many things in pop culture. One of its most iconic evolutions is their gothic looking portrayal. Like porcelain dolls, marionettes can look creepy and perfect for Halloween if you want them to be.

Being a marionette is fun because you can easily customize whatever you’re wearing. You could be a Victorian-dressed lady of the court or a Irish beer girl and it’s all fine. All you need to maintain is the strings attached to your arms and head, plus the crisscrossed wood above you as well. Here’s everything you need to look like a Marionette.

About Marionettes

Marionettes are puppets that have vertical strings attached to their joints to help the puppeteer control their movement. Puppetry has a long and ancient history, which can probably date back to 2000 BC. The term ‘marionette’ must have originated in France during the Middle Ages. It means ‘little Mary’ and during this era, many puppet plays usually depicted the Virgin Mary.

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