Junkrat (Overwatch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Junkrat Costume

Junkrat Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Camo Cargo Shorts Start off your Junkrat outfit with a pair of cargo pants. Rip up the ends to make it look really authentic.
2 Brown Work Boots Wear sturdy brown boots on one leg.
3 Blond Spiky Wig Don’t forget to get spiky blond wig that Junkrat prefers.
4 Backpack To look more like Junkrat, make sure to bring along his mine-inspired backpack.
5 Chest Harness Use a chest harness to secure your canister props.
6 Cardboard Tubes Use lightweight carboard tubes to create your canister bomb props.
7 Acrylic Paint Different kinds of acrylic paint will make your DIY details look more real.
8 Skull Tattoo Add a temporary skull tattoo on your arm.
9 Cyberpunk Arm Template Use this template as a guide to create Junkrat’s cyber arm.
10 EVA Foam Sheets EVA foam is lightweight ad flexible enough for your costume details.
11 Green Fingerless Glove Wear a green fingerless glove on your regular hand.
12 Yellow Wristband Accessorize with a cool yellow wristband on your arm with the green glove.
13 Waist Bag Keep all your essentials handy in a waist bag.
14 Circular Canteen Make sure to keep hydrated with this canteen.
15 Grey Leg Sleeve If you have two legs intact, wear a grey sleeve on one to mimic a metallic leg.
16 Detonator Prop Junkrat’s not Junkrat if he doesn’t have his detonator.
17 Concussion Mine Prop Make sure to bring Junkrat’s favored Concussion Mine.
18 Full Costume Set Don’t want to bother with DIY? Get this costume set instead.

Junkrat is a demolitionist expert and scavenger in Junkertown in Overwatch. Instead of fighting head-on in areas, he is better at creating traps and indirect assaults. Some of his more popular weapons are the Concussion Mine, Frag Launcher, and RIP-Tyre.

Junkrat’s whole look tends to go to the side of ‘slightly deranged Dystopian survivor’. He wears ripped camo pants, brown boots, a big ‘mine’ bag with canisters, a metal arm, and a metal leg.

About Junkrat

Junkrat was voiced in the English version by Christopher L. Parson. Parson is also known for his roles in A Cloud So High, Rango, and Final Fantasy XV.

Junkrat was voiced in the Japanese version by Hiroki Gotô. Gotô is also known for his roles in Space Dandy, Gekijo-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Rising, and Darling in the Franxx.

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