Pearl Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Pearl Krabs Costume

Pearl Krabs Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Purple Shirt Get the first part of Pearl’s ensemble by buying this plain purple top
2 ‘P’ patch and stitching this letter ‘P’ patch in the very middle of it.
3 Plain White Boots Cheerleading is a hard sport, even when she lives underwater. So Pearl wears a very fashionable pair of white, heeled boots on her feet
4 Pair of Red Pompoms No cheerleading outfit is complete without pompoms. Pearl dances her way through her routines with the help of a bright red pair.
5 Blonde Wig She may be a whale but that doesn’t mean she can’t have hair. Pearl’s beautiful blonde hair is secured away from her face in a ponytail.
6 Red Lipstick Get Pearl’s kissable lips by drawing a heart-shape on your own lips with this bright red lipstick.
7 Grey Body Paint Being a whale, Pearl’s skin color is a light gray. Go up a notch and complete your costume by painting your body in this shade
8 Purple Mini Skirt To complete Pearl’s bubbly cheerleading outfit, she wears a very short purple mini-skirt.

Pearl Krabs is a petty and selfish teenager who is definitely spoiled rotten by her father, Mr. Krabs. Unlike real-life where families tend to be in the same family of species, Pearl is not a crab like her father. She’s a 16-year-old sperm whale.

Pearl can be seen wearing a purple cheerleader ensemble with a letter ‘P’ design on her top. Here’s everything you need to look like Pearl.

About Pearl Krabs

This snotty, selfish teenage brat can be annoying, but she is a main character and we see her often. Funnily enough, this young sperm whale has lots of different relationships in the series. Her father is Mr. Krabs, she hates Squidward, and she has a crush on SpongeBob; all of whom are fellow main characters. But not a lot of people realize that even though Pearl appeared early on in the series, she has never interacted with one main character. Pearl and Patrick Star who both frequent the show have no relationship whatsoever.