How to Make a Sweeney Todd Costume

Sweeney Todd Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, button-up, white Sweeney Todd’s outfit starts out with a plain, simple, white button-up shirt.
2 Vest, gray This sleek gray vest is part of Sweeney Todd’s barber and work day professional attire. He has very little color in his wardrobe, so this gray vest fits him well.
3 Pants, work, black These black work pants have the same darkened, almost black and white effect that the rest of Sweeney Todd’s clothing does.
4 Oxfords, black On his feet, Sweeney Todd wears very simple but shiny and clean black oxfords that give him a reputable look.
5 Coat, black, period This old-fashioned coat is very similar to the one Sweeney Todd wears. He has many layers on him, each in a very dark or shadowed color.
6 Necktie, gray Sweeney Todd has a gray checkered necktie tied around his neck. This gives him a very refined and expensive look.
7 Wig, black and white Sweeney Todd has very specific black hair with a white streak through the side. It looks un-kept and grown out, but chic at the same time.
8 Razor kit Since Sweeney Todd is a murderous barber after all, he must have his straight-razor kit with him.

Sweeney Todd’s style is very gothic and chic. He wears period style clothing due to the story being set in the 1800s, but with a modern gothic take on it. His face is very pale and the area around his eyes is red, giving him an almost ghostly look.

His hair is black and grown out long with a white streak on one side of his head. He carries a straight-razor and razor strap with him as he is a serial-killer barber.

A typical outfit of his would be a button-up shirt, trousers, a coat, a necktie, and professional dress shoes. His style is simple enough to replicate, but makes a very striking costume.

Sweeney Todd Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Sweeney Todd has a very pale face with red, sunken in eyes. With this tutorial you can achieve the same look and make your costume even better.

About Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd began as a musical play in the 1980s, but was also adopted into a movie musical in 2008. The movie had great success as many loved the actor who played the main character, Johnny Depp. The story behind Sweeney Todd is gruesome and quite horrific to many people. After a dark and hard past, he turns to slitting people’s throats at the barber’s chair to get his revenge.